Stod Fold Brewhouse By Brewing Vessels Ltd

Bespoke Oversize 10 Barrel Microbrewery

January 2013 saw the installation of a turnkey 10 barrel brewery at Stod Fold Brewing Company which was designed, supplied and installed by the Brewing Vessels Ltd team of microbrewery consultants, electricians, mechanical engineers and coded welders . The scope of the project covered site survey, electrical installation, mechanical installation, hygienic stainless steel pipework, final commissioning and brewery consultancy. The equipment supplied consisted of a hot liquor tank, mash tun, wort kettle (A.K.A copper), two conical fermentation vessels (capable of use as conditioning tanks), refrigeration, two separate brewery control panels for temperature control of the hot liquor tank and fermentation vessels and a three head cask washer. A bespoke microbrewery installation, the hot liquor tank, mash tun and copper were oversized at the request of the client and the dual purpose fermentation vessels (DPV) were designed specifically to meet restrictions in both height and available floorspace behind a glazed screen within the bar area.